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Six steps to improve security on your farm and slash rural crime

There are a number of key issues every farmer can improve on in order to make their farm more secure, according to An Garda Siochana. These include:


Restrict access to your yard. Install gates and fix them to a sturdy concrete or metal post. Keep them locked. Consider good quality locks, bolts and bars on doors and windows. Always secure your home by closing and locking windows and doors, even if you are going out for a short time. Don't hide spare keys outside. Don't leave ladders or other climbing aids lying around outside. Ensure windows, skylights and vents are protected from the burglar.


Fencing, hedges and walls should be robust, well maintained and checked regularly for breaches. A dog can be a noisy and frightening deterrent to any burglar.


Consider installing an alarm in vulnerable areas. An alarm will emit an audible warning and CCTV will provide surveillance on places out of view of the farmhouse. A visible intruder alarm will help deter thieves and provide internal protection for a building. Get specialist advice and shop around for best value.


Illuminate areas which are overlooked from the dwelling or covered by CCTV.


Store your tools and smaller machinery items in a building with adequate security features close to the farmhouse.


In all aspects of security regarding your home and business, good neighbourliness and vigilance are the most effective deterrents against crime and the detection of offenders. Watch out for your neighbours and their property and, hopefully, they will do the same for you. Consider joining your local Neighbourhood Watch or Community Alert. Report any suspicious activity to your local garda station immediately.

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