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Sinclair McGill mixes ideal for all grass-farm systems

Choosing a grass seed mixture to suit an individual farming system can be a daunting task, but Waterford-based seed supplier Seedtech says the Sinclair McGill range includes mixes that cover a range of soil types and management systems.

Sinclair McGill mixtures such as Castlehill, Turbo, Prosper and Scotsward are known for their combination of high performance in terms of grazing and silage yields, and good persistency for a long productive life.

Ollie Carter, Seedtech's grass expert, said one of the reasons Sinclair McGill proves so successful is the higher tetraploid inclusion rates than standard grass seed brands.

"Tetraploids have a higher yield potential than diploid varieties but with better intake potential due to a higher digestibility and palatability," he said.

Sinclair McGill introduced Matrix to the Irish market in 2010. This variety is very successful in New Zealand and is bred to produce in the shoulders of the grazing season, when other conventional varieties are less productive.

Two Matrix mixture types are available through Seedtech this year: Matrix 40 Enhanced Ryegrass Mixture and Matrix 70 Enhanced Ryegrass Mixture.

For more information on grass seed mixtures from the Sinclair McGill range, contact Seedtech on 051 832814 or visit for the latest grass seed news.

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