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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Silawrap iPhone app to give helping hand to contractors

GUIDE: ITW Silawrap have launched a new iPhone app with information on how to make the best quality bales and tackle silage wrapper maintenance
GUIDE: ITW Silawrap have launched a new iPhone app with information on how to make the best quality bales and tackle silage wrapper maintenance
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

A new Silawrap iPhone app has been launched, which provides information to silage contractors and farmers on the financial benefits of producing quality silage, wrapping bales with six layers and silage wrapper maintenance.

Silawrap claim their app is the first of its kind in the world. Information is available in short video format, with the footage being shot recently in Tipperary.

"Grass is a crop and, like all crops, reseeding, weed control, harvesting, storage and quality testing are the all-important links in the chain to successful grass management," said Ken Higgins, Silawrap European sales and marketing manager.

"Using Teagasc figures, we conclude that quality silage at 77pc DMD is worth €12 more per bale than 68pc DMD when compared to current feed barley costs."

While autumn might seem like a strange time to launch this app, Mr Higgins pointed out that wrapper maintenance is often done during the down season.


"This app can be used to help both farmers and contractors plan their silage cutting for next year and get machinery ready over the wintertime," he said.

ITW Silawrap employs 100 people at its plants in Gorey and Waterford, producing in excess of 500,000 rolls of Silawrap per annum.

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Ireland and Britain are the main markets, followed by France, Scandinavia, Holland, New Zealand and Australia.

To download the free app, go to your Android or iPhone app store and search for Silawrap. Interested readers can also find the video clips on the website,

Some of the key tips from the app are as follows:

* To make high quality bales use young grass, preferably from a ley sown with Italian rye grass in the previous four years;

* Grass should be grazed tight prior to closing to remove all old grass, and mowing should be done six-to-seven weeks after fertiliser application;

* Midday is the best time to mow. The grass should be tedded out and the crop should be baled between 28 and 48 hours later;

* Silawrap claims six layers of wrap protects the bale better during transport and storage and gives a better seal with higher DMD percentages;

* Setting up the bale wrapper is simple. Adjusting the film dispenser height, applying the correct number of film turns and possibly tightening the belts on the rotary table are the main adjustments required;

* When set up properly, there will be an opportunity to save film. The aim is to apply wrap to the centre of the bale; the distance from the top of the film to the top of the bale should be the same as the distance from the bottom of the film to the bottom of the bale.

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