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Sunday 18 February 2018

Silage season hits crisis point


He said some farmers had seen milk yields drop by up to 2.5l in a couple of days over the past fortnight. He added that farmers were struggling to keep grass in front of cows as growth rates had almost halved.

Carlow-based agricultural consultant Pat Minnock said the situation on tillage farms was not at crisis point yet, but further heavy rains could cause serious damage to crops.

Mr Minnock said there was already serious lodging in crops of winter oats. Spring barley crops had also lodged in places but were back up.

He said the heavy rains had resulted in incidences of septoria in winter wheat and spring wheat and mildew in some crops.

Met Eireann rainfall statistics show that up to 2.5 times the normal rainfall for June fell in the first 20 days.

At Gurteen, Co Tipperary, there was 132mm of rain to June 20, against the 30-year average of 56mm for the month in total.

Ballyhaise, Co Cavan received 134mm to June 20; the average for the month of June is 67mm. Cork Airport had 159mm up to June 20, compared to the average for the month of June of 67mm.

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The outlook for the week ahead is for warm, mild conditions but with the threat of heavy showers.

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