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Saturday 18 November 2017

Shop around for the best fertiliser prices

Declan O'Brien

Declan O'Brien

Savings of €40-50/t in fertiliser costs are available for farmers who shop around, the IFA has claimed.

"IFA surveys over recent years have shown that farmers who are prepared to shop around can make considerable savings by doing so.

"List prices can vary by €40/t to €50/t over the cash price," said IFA input project team leader James McCarthy.

"Further savings can be made where farmers come together to coordinate full loads split among three or four neighbours," he added.

The trade has kicked into gear over the last few weeks, with Dairygold setting the tone for early season bagged CAN by offering it at €265/t delivered. However, more current CAN prices vary from €275/t to €290/t, with group deals a few euros below this.

Granular urea is trading for €335 to €425/t, with the most attractive prices in north Leinster. In Munster, the price range for granular urea (big bags and delivered) is €355-390/t, in Connacht it is €380-420/t, in south Leinster €350-420/t and north Leinster €335-425/t.


CAN availability was tight over the Christmas period after the forced closure of a fertiliser plant in France. However, supplies are now said to be back to normal levels.

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However, there is still a big variation in CAN prices, with €285-320/t available in Munster, €300-335/t in Connacht, €275-300/t in south Leinster and €275-300/t in north Leinster.

The price range for big bags of 27-2.5-5 is €424-455/t in Munster, €400-€440/t in Connacht, €378-410/t in south Leinster and €370-400 in north Leinster. In Ulster, prices varies from €390/t to €420/t.

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