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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Sherry Fitz plan 'monster' land auction

Sherry FitzGerald and DTZ Sherry FitzGerald are to hold a monster national land auction that will happen simultaneously on Thursday, April 14 in agents' offices and auction rooms all over the State.

"With 70 offices around the country we are the leading land agents," Philip Guckian of Sherry FitzGerald explained. "We have decided to work together, to combine our resources and put as much land on the market by auction on this one day."

According to Mr Guckian, all sales will be private, owner sales and will not include distressed properties or forced sales. "We are looking for farms, residential and non residential from 5ac to 10ac to 20ac right up," he said.

Each auctioneer will be responsible for his or her own auction and the company is spending the next six weeks preparing for the event and co-ordinating the various land lots.


"We already have a steady stream of properties lined up for the sale and as the advertising campaign kicks off we think more and more vendors will see the value in the event and sign up," he said.

"We are extending an invitation to those considering a sale to contact Sherry Fitzgerald to have their property included on the day."

William Talbot of Sherry FitzGerald Talbot, Nenagh in Co Tipperary is on the Agriculture sub committee of the Sherry FitzGerald group and worked on this initiative.

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"It is driven by agents from the agri side of the group and will be one of the biggest land auctions to take place in the country.

"It will give vendors a great opportunity to get the maximum exposure for their property and get the best prices," he said.

Mr Talbot says this is not a once-off event but will become part of a pattern and another such big sales will happen at intervals throughout the year.

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