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What are your challenges to flock health and nutrition?


Sheep and lambs at Ickworth, Suffolk (Justin Minns/National Trust/PA)

Sheep and lambs at Ickworth, Suffolk (Justin Minns/National Trust/PA)

©National Trust/Justin Minns

Sheep and lambs at Ickworth, Suffolk (Justin Minns/National Trust/PA)

Teagasc is looking for sheep farmers to detail their challenges and needs as part of a survey into the European sheep sector.

The objective of Eurosheep is to improve the viability of sheep production by improving technical performance with better management of flock health and nutrition. Whilst the network consists of eight countries (Ireland, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Greece and Turkey) EuroSheep is open to all stakeholders and sheep producers within the EU.

The first step in EuroSheep is to identify what are the main challenges and needs of the stakeholders in the Irish Sheep industry to improve profitability through flock health and nutrition management.

EuroSheep has developed a survey targeted at sheep farmers and other stakeholders, (e.g. vets, advisors, consultants, researchers) to identify their challenges and needs in terms of flock health and nutrition management.

The survey involves a series of questions on flock health and nutrition challenges for breeding ewes, replacements, and growing and finishing lambs. Potential challenges and needs to improving nutrition include concentrate and mineral supplementation, grassland management, silage and forage crop production etc.

Subsequently EuroSheep will provide solutions to the needs and challenges identified using existing information form the eight member countries and from technical and scientific literature. All solutions will be provided with the objective of improving the profitability of the sheep sector.

Sheep farmers are asked to take a few minutes to complete the survey here.

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