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Sunday 17 June 2018

Watch: Late Late Show returns with an appearance from Ireland's most expensive lamb

€15,000 lamb makes an appearance on Late Late Show for official naming

Ryan Tubridy and Seamus Brown and lamb Heart of Gold. Picture: Late Late Show
Ryan Tubridy and Seamus Brown and lamb Heart of Gold. Picture: Late Late Show
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

One of the most expensive lambs in Ireland was officially named on the first Late Late Show of the season.

Despite paying €15,000 for the lamb in August, Donegal farmer Seamus Brown had yet to give the lamb a name.

And, after making its Late Late Show debut tonight, Seamus told Ryan Tubridy that he was calling the lamb 'Heart of Gold'.

Bought at Ballymena Livestock Mart, for 13,000 guineas, the lamb is one of the most expensive sheep bought in Ireland in recent times.

The lamb's owner told RTE radio when he bought the lamb that it "is a very special lamb" and only once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a lamb of this quality.

What made the lamb so special, he said, is that most lambs have some minor faults, but this lamb has no faults, Seamus said, and he has the potential to breed top quality lambs.

Cream, sillky hair is important, Seamus said after buying him, and that the lamb has a good stand, a good carcase and good bone strucutre.

He said that he thought he would have got the lamb for less and admitted at the time that the budget went out the window.

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According to Browne, Heart of Gold gets the same feed as other sheep on the farm and is fertile, with over 100 ewes in the flock all in lamb.

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