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Wednesday 23 January 2019

Special delivery: Hero postman helps with birth of two lambs

Séamus Spencer with the newborn lambs
Séamus Spencer with the newborn lambs
Fiona Dillon

Fiona Dillon

Postman Séamus Spencer (47) delivered more than just the letters today after he was called upon to help with the birth of two lambs.

Based in Castletownbere in County Cork, he didn’t hesitate when he got the call to go to the aid of a farmer.

He is a sheep farmer himself, as well as a postman, so he certainly knows about every type of deliveries.

“A neighbour rang looking for a small bit of assistance, so I told him that I was working. I said ‘look, if you can come to meet me, I will see what I can do for you.’”

“He came to meet me, and we had a look at the problem.”

He explained that the ewe wasn’t presenting properly. However, with a bit of gentle help, the first lamb popped out, and then “the second one was simple,” he said.

Séamus Spencer said he was happy to help his neighbours
Séamus Spencer said he was happy to help his neighbours

The farmer had managed to come as far as the town and parked up in a yard belonging to a friend of Séamus, and the successful deliveries were made.

 “If there was a problem, a serious problem obviously, the advice would have been ‘you’ll have the call the vet’,” Seamus pointed out. But he said it all passed off straightforwardly.

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After that, it was back to continuing on with the day job. “I had just about finished sorting, and I was able to walk up to the appointed location and come back and resume duties. It only took about 15 minutes maximum,” he said.

And it wasn’t even the first time Seamus has assisted with a delivery.  “This is the second occasion this year,” he revealed. “The first one was a different neighbour.”

“We are in a fairly rural area and because of that you have to look after your neighbours,” said Seamus.

“If a neighbour asks you to do something for him, you do it if you can at all, because without hesitation without doubt, you will have to ask your neighbour for help another day,” he pointed out.

“I personally have brilliant neighbours, so if any of them need a hand at any stage, you have to do your best. The neighbours I am blessed with are superb,” said Seamus.

He pointed out twins would be fairly common among ewes.

“They haven’t been named yet,” added Séamus, laughing about the little lambs.

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