Six sheep are killed in Wicklow dog attack

Six animals were killed by loose dogs close to Rathdrum last Thursday.

Farmer Jack Cahill was horrified when he went to check on his stock on his outside farm at Ballydowling, Rathdrum, on Friday to find six animals savagely killed by dogs.

"The sheep were attacked by dogs and judging by the damage done there had to be at least two dogs, and two big dogs at that', Jack told the Wicklow People.

"I lost four ewes and two lambs in the attack and there's 15 other animals injured, one of them very badly injured.

"I don't expect the ewe that's very badly injured to pull through and two of the lambs have broken legs too so I might lose them as well.

"It was very distressed to go check on the stock and find such a scene of carnage. There was a good bit of blood and the sheep were found in different places on the land too.

Two of the sheep killed by the dogs at Jack Cahill’s farm
Two of the sheep killed by the dogs at Jack Cahill’s farm

"It's very upsetting on farmers and the biggest worry now is that you don't know if these dogs will come back around the farm again to prey on the sheep.'

Jack who also farms the family farm at Ballintombay, Rathdrum, said his lands at Ballydowling are close to two other recent sheep attacks in the area.

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"My stock who survived the attack were very skittish when I arrived and I would appeal to dog owners to be responsible and to ensure that their dogs aren't loose and roaming the countryside.

"It has been a very difficult few months for farmers and something like this only adds to our troubles. It doesn't take much effort from dog owners to ensure their dogs are secured."

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