'I felt so sick' - Farmer devastated after losing five sheep in brutal dog attack

Both farmers and dog owners must be clear on their rights.
Both farmers and dog owners must be clear on their rights.

Sara Gahan

A farmer has been left devastated after several of his sheep were killed in a viscous dog attack at his farm.

Richard O'Sullivan of Ballygullen, Craanford woke up Thursday morning to a blood bath after he discovered a number of his flock had been brutally maimed by a pack of dogs.

"It is one of the worst attacks I have ever witnessed, I felt so sick," Richard told The Gorey Guardian. 'The ram had ribs sticking out and one of my ewes was heavily pregnant and due this week. We lost five sheep altogether.'

The heartbroken farmer said he had one lamb and seven sheep in the field which included two rams and five ewes.

"The dogs killed one ram, three ewes and the one little three-week old lamb we had."

Richard said there was attacks in the area sometime ago but nothing has happened until recently. "It was a vicious attack. They didn't eat them, just pulled them apart," added Richard.

The other flock of sheep were in the shed with their lambs.

"We have a total of 35 sheep," said Richard. "But losing the others is still profit for the year for me once you count it up."

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He added the three other sheep who survived the attack were not badly injured but are terrified.

"This is my livelihood and something has to happen," said Richard. "I am glad I did not have 15 heavily pregnant ewes in that field."

People are being advised to keep a firm eye on their family pets or any dogs in their care to ensure that this kind of attack is not repeated.

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