Farmer avoids jail in saga involving a dead cat, 11 dogs and a sheep attack

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After several court sittings, two bench warrants, a dead cat, 11 dogs and an attack on sheep by dogs, a man has been told that he must return to court to provide insurance details.

Patrick Murphy of Coorycullane, Dunmanway was told this week at Bantry District Court that he must return with proof of public liability insurance on his farm, in a case that has seen a cat, 11 dogs and a number of sheep killed.

The case and charges, which go back two years, were brought against Mr Murphy by Cork County Council, after the killing of a neighbour's cat by stray dogs two years ago.

The case dates back to 2015, when a neighbour of the defendant found his pet cat killed by dogs one morning. Sometime later, the same neighbour heard dogs in the vicinity of his home, followed the dogs to Mr Murphy's home. A complaint saw the matter end up in court and Murphy pleaded guilty to not having a dog licence or his dogs under control.

Mr Murphy did not have licences for any of the dogs and after he failed to attend court two bench warrants were issued and he faced being jailed unless he produced adequate insurance this week in court.

Murphy failed to appear in court a second time and when he was scheduled to appear in court to produce the insurance documentation, and the court heard that three dogs had allegedly been shot by a neighbour when they attacked sheep. It was also reported that up to 11 dogs, owned by the Dunmanway farmer, had attacked sheep and according to Murphy's solicitor, his insurance payout showed that he had adequate cover.

However, the judge queried the insurance documentation that was provided and said the policy numbers did not match up. Further, the court heard that Murphy said he now has no dogs, having poisoned the last one himself.

Having produced the required documentation, Judge Dorgan then asked if the farm insurance policy covered dogs and if so, how many dogs? Judge Dorgan then instructed solicitor Flor Murphy, acting for Cork County Council, to check with the insurance providers.

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The case was adjourned once more, until a sitting of the district court in Bandon on December 8. 

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