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Saturday 24 March 2018

ABP launches new UK lamb producer group with up to 17c/kg price bonus

Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

ABP is to back a new lamb producer group in the UK which will offer sheep farmers guaranteed bonuses of up to 15p/kg (17c/kg).

Group members will receive bonus payments for lambs sired by Alpha Ram sires and produced according to protocols designed to improve both the quality of lamb produced for the table and the profitability of individual member’s sheep enterprises.

The Meatlinc Sheep Company and EasyRams, are to supply rams to ABP’s Alpha Lamb Producer Group from this autumn.

The creation of this new group confirms ABP’s commitment to the long term profitability of UK sheep farming.

Alpha Rams will only supply grass fed sires from high health status and fully recorded flocks.

Ultrasound and CT scanning will be mandatory allowing their ram breeders to incorporate the benefits of recent research into carcase yields and meat eating quality into their breeding programmes.

FEC analysis will be carried out in all ram breeders flocks, enabling them to produce rams with reduced worm burdens requiring less anthelmintic drenches.

Steven Feehan, ABP’s Head of UK Procurement, said ensuring that commercial sheep farmers have long term profitable and sustainable businesses that are able to withstand future challenges is in the interests of all in the lamb supply chain from ram breeder to processor.

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"By collaborating with some of the UK’s most innovative ram breeders we will help bring about the necessary changes required in the sheep industry more quickly.

“Alpha Producer Group members will not only be receiving bonuses on their Alpha Ram sired lambs, but will also be given access to group meetings and consultancy advice that will concentrate on developing low cost production systems through improved grazing management, sheep genetics and animal health.”

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