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Sunday 18 February 2018

Sheep Marts: Scarce ewe hoggets command top prices in strong trade

Joe Healy

The very strong trade for all classes of sheep continues, especially for ewe lambs and breeding ewes. Ewe hoggets are relatively scarce and good competition between farmers is resulting in any of the nice quality types making from €150-175/hd. The factory lamb trade is steady with the store trade pretty strong. The fat-heavy cull ewe continues to make up to and over €100/hd.

Athenry had a very busy sale yesterday. Top prices of €112 were paid for a number of pens weighing 50kg and more. Quality lambs from 45-50kg were making from €40-50 over the weight. Lighter types sold in a range of €35-45 over.

Dowra Mart had a big sale of 3,600 sheep on Saturday, with a continuing strong trade for all classes on the day. The best of the store lambs made from €65-80 each, while strong mountain stores made from €60 up to €80/hd. Heavy lambs sold from €85-105. The best of the ewe lambs ranged from €90-116, with the lighter lots making from €60-85. Their annual show and sale of breeding hogget's and ewes will take place on Friday, August 27.

On Saturday, Baltinglass Mart had 2,000 sheep on offer. Trade for the ewe hoggets was slightly easier, with prices ranging from €125-170. Breeding ewes two years and older sold for €100-130. Cull ewes were selling for €45-95/hd. Fleshed lambs made €37-46 over the weight, with the stores selling for about €10 less. Prices of as much as €85 over were paid for ewe lambs. Breeding rams made €150-350.

There was also a large sale in Mountbellew, with increased numbers of breeding ewes and even more so the stag ewes. Demand for all females was very brisk. Factory lambs were a similar trade to the previous week at €40-45 over the weight. Store lambs ranged in price from €67-82, while ewe lambs sold to a high of €102.

Hogget ewes ranged from €125-186. First crops ewes sold from €112-168. Prices for second crop ewes varied from €100-€151, with the third crops selling for €70-119. A firm trade resulted in the cull ewes selling from €55-125.

Tullow Mart had a big entry of commercial sheep as well as a pedigree Suffolk ram show and sale. The general run for the rams ranged from €400-710.

Factory and butcher lambs sold for prices of €42-58 over the weight, with the stores making €28-42 over. Ewe lambs were in good demand selling for €60-82 over. Tops for ewe hoggets was €175, with the rest selling from this back to €142. Heavy well-fleshed cull ewes made up to €107. Thinner types sold for €38 and upwards.

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Bagnalstown Ewe Breeders show and sale takes place this Thursday at Borris Mart. The show kicks off at 11am.

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