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Monday 19 February 2018

Sheep marts: 'Red-hot' trade reported with sales strong

Joe Healy

The trade at the marts remains very strong with a significant improvement from the end of last week.

In fact, one farmer at Athenry Mart used the term "red hot" to describe the trade. Butcher lambs sold to a top price over their weight of €75. This was paid for a pen weighing 52kg and returned €127/hd.

The general run for heavy lambs ranged from €66-72 over the €/kg. Lighter lots made €60-67 over. Cull ewes for slaughter sold up to €128/hd, with feeders selling back to €25/hd.

Ewes with twin lambs at foot were selling for €185-222. Older in-lamb ewes sold for around the €100/hd. Lambs in Fermoy were selling for €58-64 over the weight.

Mountbellew had a similar number of sheep on offer to the previous week and reported an increased demand for stag/cull ewes, especially heavier lots.

The lamb trade was steady but there was a good demand also for ewes with lambs at foot. Well-fleshed lambs made €50-56 with their weight, with the ewe lambs selling up to €58 over.

Prices for the cull ewes ranged from €56-124. Sample prices for ewes scanned in-lamb or with lambs at foot were as follows:

Three third-crop ewes scanned with six lambs due in March made €155;

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Two second-crop ewes with four lambs at foot made €206;

Three second-crop ewes with six lambs at foot sold for €189;

Three second-crop ewes with three lambs at foot sold for €150;

Five third-crop ewes with five lambs at foot made €146.

At Baltinglass, ewes with lambs at foot made up to €225. Ewes scanned in-lamb made up to €160/hd. Lambs weighing 47-50kg sold for €105-112, with the 40-45kg lambs selling for €95-103/hd. Stores sold for €75-90 each. Prices for cull ewes ranged from €80 to €114/hd.

Prices held firm from last week at Maam Cross with strong demand for all types of stock. Blackface ewes made from €60-105, with the crossbred ewes making €85-175. Lambs made from €60 to €115/hd.

Enniscorthy had a slightly stronger demand for all classes especially cull ewes and breeding stock. There were 950 on offer. Butcher and factory lambs sold from €101-119 each or €54-65 over the weight.

Stores made €89-103 reflecting a price of €51-62 over the €1/kg.

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