Farm Ireland

Monday 18 December 2017

Sheep marts: Prices strengthen €3/hd

Joe Healy

The sheep trade was solid last week. Lamb prices had improved by €2-3/hd in most marts. Breeding ewes remained strong with good demand also reported for the heavy ewe lambs.

Large numbers of sheep were on offer in Mountbellew. Stag ewes remained strong at €60-114. Breeding sheep were a slightly easier trade with smaller numbers on offer. Hogget ewes ranged in price from €115 to €185/hd. First and second crops sold from €100-163/hd, while the older breeding ewes sold for €80-128/hd.

Store lambs were slightly easier trade to the previous week in a range of €68-87. Factory lambs and ewe lambs remained stable, generally making €44-50 over.

Prices for Pedigree Texel rams ranged from €300-510. Wexford Farmers Mart had 2,085 on offer. Best demand was for store lambs and breeding stock. Hogget ewes made €128-167/hd.

Older breeding ewes made €80-131/hd, while ewe lambs sold for €82-123/hd. Cull ewe prices ran from €42 to €97/hd.


In the lamb section the factory and butcher types made €37-48 over in a price range of €83-95. Stores sold for €67-87/hd.

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Pedigree ram prices ranged from €265-435/hd, while the commercial rams sold for €165-325/hd.

There were 2,375 sheep on offer at Tullow Mart. A good firm trade for fat lambs saw prices up by €1/hd to €41-49 over. Store lambs were up €2- 3/hd and sold for €55-83/hd. Ewe lamb prices ranged from €84 to €140/hd or €45-96 over.

A small entry of cull ewes sold for €44-102/hd. In the breeding section, hoggets made €130-178/hd, while the aged ewes sold for €95-155/hd.

Dowra Mart had an entry of 1,500 sheep with a very strong trade for all classes, particularly for the breeding stock. Hogget ewes made from €160/hd up to a top price of €200/hd.

Young ewes for breeding made from €90-135/hd. Ewe lambs sold from €80-110 each, while store lambs made €70-85/hd.

Mountain lambs ranged from €55 to €75/hd for the heavier lots while the lighter types made from €40-55.

Heavy cull ewes sold from €70-105, while the lighter ewes for feeding sold for €45-65/hd.