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Saturday 24 March 2018

Sheep marts: Prices remain strong throughout country

Joe Healy

Prices remain extremely strong at livestock marts around the country.

The top price for ewes with lambs at foot was €275, while hoggets made as high as €82 over their weight. Fat cull ewes sold up to €130, while ewe hoggets made up to €133. Even though grass growing conditions haven't been good, there is no shortage of interest from farmers for store lambs.

Athenry and Fermoy saw hoggets make up to €82 over yesterday as 54kg stock sold for €136 in the west, while 55kg animals sold for €137 down south. The general run for these heavier-type lambs in both places was €70-80 over the weight. Lighter lambs of 40-45kg made €50-60 over and new-season lambs sold up to €80 over the weight.

Dowra Mart had 640 sheep on offer last Saturday and trade was up again from the previous week.

The best of the store hoggets made €85-105 each, while a few lots for breeding sold up to €140. Ewes with twin lambs at foot made €160-240, while ewes with singles made €90-145/unit. Heavy cull ewe prices ran from €90-125 each, while lighter ewes for feeding sold for €55-85.

Blackface ewes made €65-75 at Maam Cross as crossbreds sold up to €130/hd. Ewes scanned in-lamb sold for €105-125 and hoggets made €55-120 each.

Enniscorthy Mart had 1,180 sheep offered for sale and a firmer demand was reported.

Butcher and factory hoggets made €63-75 over the weight and sold to a top price of €129.

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Stores made €52-69 over. Ewe hoggets for future breeding sold for €118-133 each. The top price for ewes with lambs at foot was €275, while others sold from this back to €135. Cull ewe prices ranged from €57-130.

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