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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Sheep marts: Good trade for all types

Joe Healy

THERE was a good trade reported all round.

Ewes of all ages suitable for breeding are in strong demand, with some excellent prices being paid for top-quality ewe hoggets.

The lamb trade for factory and stores seemed to have improved a little on the previous week, with good farmer activity in the store trade.

A big sale was met with a flying trade in Athenry yesterday, especially for the heavier lambs. Most of the 50kg types made €58-64 over the weight to a top price of €117/hd for a pen weighing 53kg. Lambs of 38-45kg sold in a range of €40-50 over.

Comparing the top price over the weight for lambs last week with the corresponding week last year, Tullow Mart manager John Murphy said that there was a €19 difference. Top last week was €54 over as opposed to €35 last year. The general run for the 44-50kg lamb was from €45-54 over.

The stores were slightly back on the great trade of the past week and sold for €35-42 over. Cast ewes sold to a top price of €115/hd, while the general run made €80-90/hd. Thin older culls sold back to €25/hd.

Mountbellew Mart had a large number of sheep on offer again on Saturday. This was especially the case for the store lambs but factory and butchers' lambs were scarce in supply.

A top price of €154/hd was paid for a pen of ewe hoggets while first-, second- and third-crop ewes sold up to €150/hd. Lambs of 37-44kg sold for €38-46 over, while the good ewe lambs made €45-51.

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There were similar numbers to the previous week in Baltinglass Mart with an improved trade for store and fat lambs.

Lambs of 35-40kg made €35-45 over. Heavier types (45-50kg) made €40-47 over. Ewe lambs suitable for breeding sold for €40-68 over their weight with a top price of €116/hd for 50kg lambs. Store lambs met a very good trade and sold for €50-60 over.

In the breeding ewe section hoggets made up to €135/hd, while the three- and four-year-old ewes made up to €100/hd.

Maam Cross had a full clearance for store lambs and all types of ewes. With prices back a little on the previous week, there was great value to be had, especially for all mountain-type lambs. Local farmers are opting to sell their lambs as stores rather than sending them to factories as light lambs.

Cross-bred lambs sold for €50-72/hd, while the Blackface mountain lambs made from €35-62.

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