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Sheep marts: All stock in demand as strong trade evident

The strong mart trade continued this week, with keen demand for all stock. Ewes with lambs at foot sold for up to €248, while ewes scanned in-lamb made up to €176. Cull ewes sold for as high as €129 and ewe lambs made up to €121/hd. Factory and butcher lambs reached €64 over and stores sold to €100/hd.

At Athenry yesterday, quality pens of lambs sold for €54-65 over the €1/kg, with a top price of €117 for 52kg. Lambs under 40kg made up to €50 over the weight.

Trade in Fermoy was a bit easier this week but prices for the heavier lots over 48kg still made €54-66 over. Lambs over 40kg sold for €50 or more with the €1/kg.

At Enniscorthy, trade and prices were similar to the previous week for the 820 sheep presented, with best demand for breeding stock and cull ewes. Butcher and factory lambs sold for €98-117 (€54-64 over). Store lambs made €84-100 (€49-59 over). Prices for ewe lambs made €110-121 each, while ewes with lambs at foot sold for €115/unit up to a top price of €215/unit. Cull ewes sold for €54-129/hd depending on condition.

At Mountbellew, hoggets and cull ewes met a slightly easier trade. Ewes with lambs at foot and in-lamb ewes met a strong trade, with €176-248 paid for ewes with lambs at foot. The top price of €112/hd was paid for a pen of 51kg ewe lambs, but the general run was €54-62 over. Cull ewes sold for €64-110/hd.

Baltinglass reported good demand for all types of sheep. Lambs weighing 40-50kg made €50-55 over their weight, while lighter, 35-40kg lambs sold for €40-52 over. Lambs under 35kg sold from €30-56 over the €1/kg.

Prices for cull ewes varied from €65-90/hd. Ewes scanned in-lamb made up to €150 each.

Blackface ewes made from €63-95 at Maam Cross, while crossbred ewes sold for prices of up to €131/hd. Lambs made €55-120.

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