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Saturday 21 April 2018

Sheep drench offers worm breakthrough

THE LAUNCH of a new sheep drench could promise a breakthrough for sheep farmers in their struggle against drug-resistant worm parasites.

Developed by Novartis Animal Health, Zolvix is based on a totally new generation chemical and is the first genuinely new wormer to come onto the market since 1985.

The new wormer has been launched simultaneously across Ireland and the UK and will be available through vets and on prescription from pharmacists.

Trials carried out on Zolvix by Novartis, prior to the product being granted an EU licence, showed full efficacy against sheep parasites that had shown high level of resistance to existing white and clear wormers.

Eugene Smith from Novartis suggested that the optimal use for Zolvix is a once a year treatment. It is expected that the new product will retail at a treatment cost of approximately 40c per 25kg store lamb.

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