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Sharpen up your saw skills free of charge

With the increase in oil prices over the last few years, wood and wood burning stoves have increased in popularity for heating homes.

Many, including myself, have discovered how efficient stoves are in comparison to open fires, using less timber and producing more heat.

On many farms throughout the country, there is a decent supply of trees for fuel and the vast majority of farmers have a chainsaw in their arsenal of farming tools and so generally produce their own firing.


However, a chainsaw can be a tricky beast to maintain properly and very unforgiving if it comes into contact with human flesh.

If you have any queries or want to upskill yourself in chainsaw use and safety, you could do a lot worse than attend the monthly chainsaw workshop in Rathoe, Co Carlow.

It's organised by Kevin Birchall's Tree Care Ireland along with fellow director Chris Cassidy, who also organised and coordinated the Husqvarna pole climbing event at this year's National Ploughing Championships.


More importantly, its completely free, and a credit to the two men behind it.

Being a chainsaw user, I was keen to see what I could learn from the half-day workshop which covered everything from chainsaw safety features, saw sharpening with the Power Sharp system and specially designed Aspen fuels.

Contact Tree Care Ireland on 059 914 8678 or visit

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