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Saturday 25 November 2017

Seminars and trials fill the schedule for Sheep 2010

Michael Gottstein

This year's premier sheep event will take place next Saturday at Lyons Estate Research Farm UCD, Newcastle, Co Dublin. Sheep 2010 is being jointly run by UCD, Teagasc, the Irish Farmers Journal, Sheep Ireland and Bord Bia. The main sponsors are Kepak Group and Supervalu, and Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health.

The last time an event like this was held was 1997 so it is timely, given the huge changes in the industry, that one is taking place again.

The theme for the event is 'A Time to Refocus' and the programme of events for the day aims to provide technical information on all aspects of sheep farming, in addition to a huge array of commercial exhibits and demonstrations.

Located just off the Dublin to Limerick Road (N7), Sheep 2010 is easily accessed and promises to be a great event for sheep farmers and their families.

The following is a list of the main items that will be featured at the event:

Sheep seminars

Sheep farmers operate within a challenging and continually changing industry. To keep farmers up to speed on what is happening, a number of seminars are being held.

Seminar 1

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  • Time: 11.0-12.15.
  • Topic: Electronic identification (EID).

This seminar looks at the whole area of electronic identification from a legal point of view, as well as looking at the on-farm experiences of people who are already using this technology for management purposes. This seminar will feature speakers from the Department of Agriculture, the IFA and Teagasc, in addition to a farmer from Northern Ireland.

Seminar 2

  • Time: 13.0-14.0.
  • Topic: Sheep breeding.

The sheep breed improvement programme moved on last year when the Pedigree Sheep Breed Improvement Programme run by the Department of Agriculture was taken over and revamped by Sheep Ireland. This seminar will focus on the whole area of breed improvement and will feature speakers from Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

Seminar 3

  • Time: 14.15-15.15.
  • Topic: Sheep marketing.

Lamb prices this year are running 14pc ahead of last year. What are the implications for the summer and the back end of the year when numbers start coming out? Discover the answers at this seminar, which will feature speakers from Bord Bia and lamb buyers.

Seminar 4

  • Time: 15.30-16.45.
  • Topic: Flock health.

The costs associated with disease/parasite control and issues such as parasite resistance to anthelmintics are always topical in sheep circles. Find out the latest from a panel of speakers including representatives from DAFF Regional Vet Labs, Teagasc and Veterinary Sciences Section of UCD.

Sheep breed societies

No sheep event would be complete without a debate on breeds. Sheep 2010 will feature commercial exhibits from most of the sheep-breed societies operating in Ireland. In addition to the various sheep displays the Belclare, Charollais, Suffolk, Texel and Vendeen societies will run their national championships at Sheep 2010.

Sheepdog trials

Every sheep farmer should have a good dog to assist in the routine management of the flock. Sheep 2010 will play host to sheepdog trials where farmers can see the experts in action. But in addition to the trials there will also be a sheepdog training demo where experienced sheepdog trainer Eamonn Egan from Teagasc will demonstrate the techniques employed to train a young dog. Eamonn will be on hand to answer any questions people may have. There will also be a young shepherd competition.

Elsewhere, Bord Bia is having cookery demonstrations aimed to highlight some of the more innovative ways of cooking lamb.

Sheep 2010 promises to be an informative and interesting day for all those involved in the sheep industry.

The event opens at 10am and there is an entry charge of €5 per person, and this includes the Sheep 2010 catalogue.

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