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Saturday 25 November 2017

SDF 'supermarket' to open

Same Deutz-Fahr dealer Pallisers will open an SDF agricentre on their premises in Britain in mid-April. This will be the first SDF centre of its kind to be opened outside of mainland Europe and will be operated like a supermarket for machinery.

SDF says this format has been established successfully in a number of western European countries including France, Spain and Italy. The idea is that the parts are on shelves, like in a supermarket, and customers pick the items they require and take them to the checkout.

SDF says this self-service approach has been particularly well received in France where there are 10 such centres up and running, with a further 28 planned.

Items on the shelf include SDF-branded oil filters for servicing SDF tractors and blades for SDF ride-on lawnmowers.

Other items sourced from aftermarket and tool suppliers such as Sparex and Draper would be displayed alongside the manufacturer's parts.

SDF's parts marketing manager, John Percy says: "It's a totally new concept which takes customers away from the stilted and limiting traditional counter service most dealerships offer. "Customers can select and handle items on offer at the point of sale, check out prices and make decisions -- just as they do in stores generally. Dealers, meanwhile, can expect higher sales of parts and accessories and can employ special seasonal promotions to boost sales."

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