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Tuesday 20 March 2018

‘Some farmers paying up to €2,300 in fees to join GLAS’

Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

Some farmers are handing over large sums of money to join the agri-environment scheme GLAS.

That is according to Fianna Fail TD Eamon O Cuiv who was speaking in the Dail this week.

He asked the Minister for Agriculture, Micheal Creed if his attention has been drawn to the fact that farmers with shares in three commonages are paying up to €2,300 in professional fees to join the scheme.

O’Cuiv also wanted to know the steps the Minister will be taking to reduce the cost of compliance for such farmers.

In response, Minister Creed said the GLAS Scheme includes a measure which provides support for farmers to manage their commonage lands.

“For commonage farmers who wish to join GLAS, the Scheme requires the development and implementation of a GLAS Commonage Management Plan (CMP) which must be prepared and completed by a trained and qualified Agricultural Advisor.

“The Advisor is paid by the farmer and is not working for the Department. The price paid is a matter between the farmer and the Advisor,” he said.

The Minster added that the Department did not set any rules or guidelines in relation to professional fees involved in joining GLAS.

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“Under the GLAS Scheme payment to farmers in respect of commonages was increased from €79 per hectare under the previous agri-environment measure to €120 per hectare per annum for five years to take account of potential additional costs to the farmer,” he said.

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