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It is time to reform CAP significantly, says former EU Commissioner Fischler

'Major reshuffling of support systems is unavoidable'



The CAP needs to be reformed significantly, the former EU Commissioner for Agriculture Franz Fischler has said.

The Austrian, who was speaking at the Forum for the Future of Agriculture, said that a "major reshuffling of support systems is unavoidable".

The world, he said, is witnessing the onset of a new era that is shaped by issues such as migration, climate change, digitalisation and biodiversity loss.

"There are fundamental changes in our society. We must pull up our boot strings and start preparing for this new world order."

Fischler also said that we must leave behind our traditional ways of thinking.

"it is time to pen a new chapter for the CAP and reform it significantly to be prepared for the challenges ahead of us.

"A major reshuffling of support systems is unavoidable."

Reform, he said, must go far beyond tweaking things and Europe should design a new CAP based on clearer goals. These goals, he said, can't be the same as previous and must be more forward looking.

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