Farmers to get fertiliser spreading extension to mid September

The deadline for the application of organic manures will be extended from mid-October to the end of October. Stock Image
The deadline for the application of organic manures will be extended from mid-October to the end of October. Stock Image
Catherine Hurley

Catherine Hurley

Farmers have been given a fertiliser extension to mid September, the Minister for Agriculture announced yesterday at the Tullamore Show.

Minister Michael Creed announced at the Tullamore Show that the Department willl be extending the deadline for the application of chemical fertiliser from mid-September to the end of September.

He also announced that the application of organic manures from mid-October has been extended to the end of October to give an opportunity to maximise opportunity to grow additional fodder and to conserve more in such a difficult year.

“We urge farmers to be proactive in growing enough fodder for the coming winter and encourage the partnerships between the tillage sector and livestock sector,” said Minister Creed.

“Importing fodder will have a role to play in the coming inter but in would be wrong to believe this will resolve the issue on its own,” said the Minister.

“Acknowledge the role that European Commissioner, Phil Hogan has paid in respect of schemes that have enabled farmers to maximise their potential to grow fodder until the end of the season,” said the Minister.

“Continuous support from co-operatives and banks to farmers who are helping them get through this difficult time in respect of feed and fertiliser costs this year.

“We have secured permission from the Commissioner to bring forward Pillar 1 payments at 70pc and Pillar 2 payments at 85pc that will inject an additional €260 million in terms of liquidity into the rural communities at a time where cash is badly needed,” said Minister Creed.

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Some 260 acres of show-ground was covered by Tullamore Show with €175,000 in prize funds up for grabs, over 6,500 entries and 2,000 animals competed. “Over 600 volunteers made this all possible today,” said Brenda Kiernan.

“We have clearly indicated as a government that we are willing to pay more to fund the Common Agricultural Policy and to see it is fit for purpose and capable of doing all the things we want it to do in terms of supporting families that are delivery public goods that the Irish tax payer is demanding,” said Minister Creed speaking about the proposed 5pc cut in CAP 2020.

“We are engaged strategically to ensure we have adequate funds to support the CAP post 2020,” said Minister Creed speaking at the Tullamore Show.

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