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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Farm building grants for tillage farmers to be ready ‘shortly’ - Department

Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

Work on the specification and terms and conditions for the TAMS tillage measure is at an ‘advanced stage’ and it is hoped to have it ‘ready shortly’, the Department of Agriculture has confirmed.

The introduction of a specific scheme of investments for Tillage farmers has been included in a formal amendment to the Rural Development Programme proposed by the Department.

The Department has said that the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme will be finalised on receipt of the approval from the Commission and arrangements made for online applications.

The investment items that are understood to be have been considered for approval by the Commission include:

  • precision farming equipment,
  • grain stores and
  • grain storage equipment,
  • low disturbance tillage equipment
  • rainwater harvesting and storage.

Grant aid is already available to assist tillage farmers under the existing TAMS II schemes in respect of, for example, the construction of nutrient storage facilities and storage facilities for other farmyard manures, soiled water and related facilities as well as farm-safety investments such as sliding/rolling doors and farmyard lighting.

TAMS II offers grant aid of 40% for certain on-farm capital investments (60% to ‘Young Farmers’).

Application will be online for all TAMS II schemes. The TAMS II budget is divided into tranches. Ranking of  applications will take place on a tranche basis. Unsuccessful eligible application will be carried over the following tranche.

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