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Saturday 19 January 2019

Department says farm building grant approvals worth just under €1m have now expired

Substantial grants are available from the TAMS scheme for farms buildings such as slatted houses.
Substantial grants are available from the TAMS scheme for farms buildings such as slatted houses.
Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

Over 9,800 farmers have a TAMS II approval for which they have not yet submitted a payment claim, the Department of Agriculture has said in its latest update.

Approvals since Tranche 6 are being issued only for 6 months for mobile equipment and 12 months for fixed investments. This means farmers must carry out the work in this period or their approval will expire.

To end-May, 155 approved applications with a value of just under €1m had expired.

The Department is encouraging all farmers with outstanding approvals to examine their approval letter and to be mindful of when their approval will expire.

The TAMS II Scheme continues to generate significant interest amongst farmers with over 14,955 approvals now issued to participants.

The 10th Tranche of TAMS II closed on the 8th June 2018. 1,829 applications were received and the Minister has approved the acceptance into the scheme of all eligible applications.

The administrative checking of these applications is well underway and the first approvals will issue shortly for this Tranche.

Payment claims have been submitted and paid to over 4,428 participants. In value terms this has resulted in €62.5m paid to date. Approvals will continue to issue and payment claims submitted paid on an ongoing basis during 2018.

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The closing date for the current Tranche has been set as 7 September 2018. 

It is proposed that Tranche 12 will open 8 September 2018 and close on 7 December 2018.  Tranche 13 will open on the 8 December and close on the 5 April 2019.

Top Ten Most Popular Investment items (by number of applications) across all TAMS II Measures.

  1. Milk Storage and Cooling - Internal Bulk Tank Volume (incl Auto Washer and compressor)
  2. Sheep Fencing - Sheep Mesh with 1 Strand of Wire
  3. Mass Concrete Tank - Square or Rectangular  Tank
  4. Mobile Slurry Tank with Attachment - Slurry tanker size
  5. Milking Machine - Cluster Units (New Machine or extension)
  6. Automatic Slurry Scrapers - Number scraped passages, scraper with existing drive
  7. In-Parlour meal feeding system - Individual cow Meal Feeders, with augers
  8. Animal Housing - Roofed Area
  9. In-Parlour meal feeding system - Batch / multi place Meal Feeders, without augers
  10. Retrofit dribble bar to existing tanker - Retrofit dribble bar

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