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Sunday 21 October 2018

Department says almost 10,000 farmers still ineligible for GLAS payment

The GLAS scheme involves more than 50,000 farmers
The GLAS scheme involves more than 50,000 farmers
Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

The Department of Agriculture has revealed that almost 10,000 farmers are currently ineligible for payment under the GLAS scheme.

Last week the Department commenced payment of the 2017 GLAS advance payments as per our commitment to commence these payments in November.

Some €91m issued last week in addition to some €5m of AEOS payments. This brings to €146m the amount paid out under GLAS to date in 2017

The Department says it will be continuing with weekly 2017 advance payment runs to eligible applicants and this week we expect to pay a further €20m to 5,500 applicants. A further pay run is planned for next week.

However, it said almost 10,000 GLAS applicants are not currently eligible for a payment for the following reasons:

  • LESS: Applicants who have yet to submit or have submitted incorrectly their annual LESS form. The majority of applicants who correctly submitted their LESS form on time have now been paid their 2017 GLAS advance. Those who have not been paid the advance received a text message this week encouraging them to return their form if they wish to be paid.  If you have not submitted your form you are encouraged to do so immediately if you wish to receive payment.
  • Nutrient Management Plans: There are still some 2,800 outstanding NMPs in respect of GLAS I and II participants and applicants should contact their advisors directly to have these submitted.
  • The Commonage Management Plan (CMP) requirements had not been met by the participant’s Commonage Advisor. This is the case for 4,000 GLAS particpants Again relevant applicants should contact their commonage advisor.
  • Rare Breeds Forms are outstanding in many cases that include these actions.
  • Non-Submission of a 2017 BPS application

The Department has said the remaining cases are currently being checked against the Department’s databases and once these cases pass validation checks will be included in future payment runs. 

Where action is needed by the participant concerned the Department will be in direct contact with them.

It also said a small number of GLAS applicants who have already submitted their LESS forms inadvertently received a text message which also issued to those with outstanding forms.

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These applicants who should not have received the message were contacted the following day to correct matters and in most cases have received their advance payment.


In relation to GLAS training, all GLAS I and II participants are reminded that they must complete their one-day training before 31 December 2017 or their payments may be affected.

The Department will be commencing the payment of €158 for eligible farmers who have completed training by the end of this month. This money will be paid to the course facilitator who will distribute it to the course participants directly.

The payments to facilitators who provide GLAS training will depend on the submission of proof that their client farmers have received their payment. Subject to this being in order, the payments to GLAS facilitators will commence in mid-January.

The Department will continue to update weekly on GLAS payments as part of its weekly update on scheme payments issued each Friday.

The Department has a dedicated helpline for GLAS participants and farmers with queries can contact us at 0761 064451. GLAS Division can also be contacted by email at

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