BEEP farmers told to weigh stock by Friday or lose €5m

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Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

OVER 126,000 suckler cows and calves eligible for BEEP scheme payments must be weighed by Friday or lose payments worth over €5m.

The Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed, last week announced an extension of closing dates for participants in BEEP to weigh their cows and unweaned calves and to submit the data.

Animals may now be weighed up to and including November 8, and the weight data must be submitted to ICBF by 5pm on November 15.

So far, weight data in respect of some 350,000 pairs (dam and calf) of the 476,432 registered has been returned to ICBF.

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The Department will pay €40 per pair of animals to applicants who comply with the requirements.

Payments to the value of €2 million under BEEP have already issued to over 3,000 farmers. The Department said it would continue to pay participants as individual cases are cleared, and regular pay runs will be in place over the coming weeks to ensure this.

Farmers contacted by the Department with queries regarding applications are encouraged to respond quickly to facilitate payment.

By extending the closing dates, the Minster Creed said he was confident that many thousands more beef farmers can comply with the conditions in time to qualify for payment in December.

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