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Thursday 18 April 2019

Balancing GLAS payments to be made to farmers this week

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Claire Fox

Claire Fox

The balancing GLAS payments to farmers in the agri-environmental scheme will be paid by this Friday, the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed has confirmed.

It had emerged in March that 2017 inspections will not be completed until the end of May for the environmental payments and that final GLAS payments would be delayed until the end of May.

Speaking this week in China, the Minister confirmed that final payments would be paid out to farmers by Friday.

By March, approximately 46,000 GLAS applications have been paid an 85pc advance amounting to €156m, and the delay in final payments was called by ICMSA's Lorcan McCabe as just "unacceptable" as it was supposed to be paid by mid-December.

Speaking at a Farmers Charter meeting it also emerged that payments are being held up due to inspection issues on TAMS investments relating to slurry storage and structural investments.

All farmers have to make BPS applications online this year and so far 1,341 farmers out of the 16,000 who submitted paper applications last year have lodged theirs online.

Last month, the Minister announced an extension to the closing date for grazing livestock on land containing the Traditional Hay Meadow action under the scheme, due to the fodder shortage in the country. Grazing by livestock was now permitted up to May 1 this year.

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