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Sampo's Comia series designed to last

Sampo of Finland launched its new Comia series combines onto the world stage at Agritechnica in November.

The range was developed by taking the best features from its predecessors, the Sampo 2000 and the bigger 3000 series combines. The new Comia series has a new cab, main frame, engines and much more.

There are three models in the series, the C4, C5 and C6, all powered by engines from fellow Finnish firm Sisu and developing 150hp, 185hp and 210hp respectively.

The smallest of the new models, the C4, is a four walker machine, while the larger two are five-walker harvesters.

Header sizes are 3.9m on the C4, 4.2m on the C5 and 4.5m on the C6.

Conditions in Finland are known to be tough and Sampo design their combines with this in mind. Serviceability and maintenance access is part of the design brief plus, if things do get wet and mucky, easy cleaning is one of Comia's key productivity features.

The straw walker bottoms, grain-pan segments, sieves and grain-tank augers can be easily removed from behind the side guards and each component cleaned separately in the field, according to Sampo.

Despite AGCO recently taking a 10pc stake in the firm, Sampo is actively seeking new agents in Ireland for its products, which also include plot combine harvesters, timber forwarder harvesters and industrial washing equipment.

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