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Thursday 22 March 2018

Salers now in huge demand

More and more farmers are looking towards the Salers cow as their number one choice for the suckler herd due to its top placing for ease of calving and short calving interval.

With only 1pc of Salers cows scoring recording a high calving difficulty, Salers cows have the ability to calf down to heavily muscled sires.

The breed also has the advantage of going back in calf quickly, as proven by the breed's average calving interval of 386 days. The Salers also boasts high milk production, even on rough forage.


"Maintaining milk in the suckler cow is a huge challenge in the Irish suckler herd and we have made it our number one priority in the breed," says Salers Society secretary Meryl Gillespie.

"The Salers Society has taken a proactive role in exploring maternal lines within the breed and this will help farmers generate a top class breeding herd," she explains.

"A calf per cow per year is essential for a viable suckler business."

The seventh annual Pedigree Salers Show and Sale will take place at Roscrea Mart, Co Tipperary, on October 29.

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The sale will include cattle from some of Ireland's top herds and also prize-winning cattle from the show circuit.

Meanwhile, the annual cross breed Salers sale will take place at Gort Mart, Co Clare, on October 13.

This sale always attracts a large number of top quality breeding females and is the ideal opportunity to source top quality Salers cross cattle.

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