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Sunday 21 January 2018

sale solution for Blondes

The Blonde d'Aquitaine cattle society is determined to create a sustainable and reliable marketing system to give the customer the product he wants -- delivered to one point in sufficient quantities to make the system work.

"Blonde cattle can achieve a price similar to the top Belgian Blue cattle on the Continent," explains Dessie Donohue from the Blonde d'Aquitaine society.

"But the problem is having a sufficient number of cattle to fill export trucks fully."

Mr Donohue plans to operate a central sale system for purebred calves, cows and cull bulls later this year.

"All calves under a year old will have to be creep fed adlib from now until the sale date," he says. "The reason for this is we intend to use a live grading system similar to the French system.

"It is very important to feed the animal to achieve the best grade possible for that animal."


Using French Blonde sales information, payment terms will be agreed between buyer and seller for each grade.

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"We will supply our own live grader," says Mr Donohue.

"I would like to bring a grader from France if there is sufficient numbers of cattle."

For more information, contact Dessie Donohoe, Liss, Oldcastle, Co Meath, or email

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