SafeCut to limit damage

WHEN mowing hay and silage, there is always a danger that stones or other foreign objects may be hidden in the crop.

The discs rotate at very high speeds, so there is always the risk of serious and expensive damage to the mower's bed, drive train and even the tractor when the mower's discs are suddenly brought to a halt.

Aside from the cost of the repairs, in peak periods valuable time can be lost, so anything that minimises the damage and speeds up repair would certainly be welcome.

Krone has come up with a solution to this potential problem with a recently introduced feature called SafeCut.

Each individual disc is mounted on its own SafeCut unit providing protection across the whole bed. Each disc is mounted on a hub; each hub is screwed down onto its own driveshaft in the opposite direction to the driveshaft's rotation. The disc's hubs are prevented from unscrewing back up the shaft by a roll-pin that is driven through the hub and shaft locking them together.


If a disc hits an obstacle, the roll-pin is shorn across and the disc hub is wound up the threaded driveshaft, lifting its blades up and away from its neighbouring discs. This is important because, on most mowers, the discs are timed to each other so that blades and discs do not clash but provide an overlap of cutting areas with neighbouring blades to give a cut and finish.

The theory is that shearing the roll-pin connection prevents further overloading of the driveline, which could result in expensive damage further along the driveline in the mower bed or gearboxes. If it all works out, the broken pieces of the roll-pin should be able to be driven out with a punch, the disc hub screwed back down and a new roll-pin installed.

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Farmhand says the SafeCut system has been developed over the past two years and is now fitted as standard, with no extra charge, on all mounted, trailed and front-mounted Krone EasyCut mowers and the self- propelled Krone Big M.

Farmhand's sales director David Borland said: "Two EasyCut trailed-mower users I have spoken to in the west of Ireland have said that the SafeCut saved them huge downtime and expense last season on more than one occasion."

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