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Saturday 25 November 2017

Russian grain exports set to hit 23m tonnes

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Russian grain exports are expected to reach up to 23m tonnes this year, compared to just 4m tonnes prior to the country's ban on exports last year.

Since the export ban was lifted on July 1 this year, 4.4m tonnes of grain have been exported from Russia, an 11pc increase on the same period last year.

Some 58m tonnes of Russian grain have been harvested so far, including 37.3m tonnes of wheat, according to British analysts at the Agriculture and Horticulture Board (ADHB).

Harvesting progressed furthest in the Northern Caucasus federal district, with 85pc of the land planted now harvested, amounting to 8.7m tonnes of grain. Crop yields in the region are up on the previous two years.

Some 7pc of land in the Siberian district, including grains and legumes, has been harvested so far, accounting for 1.1m tonnes of grain, while 4pc -- or 361,000t -- of grain has been harvested in the Urals.

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