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Tuesday 24 April 2018

WATCH: This barber is going viral with a rather unique hair cutting technique with sheep shears

Daniel O'Connor

The video of a Kildare man cutting hair with a pair of sheep shears has turned the grand master barber into a celebrity.

A barber for 33 years, Paul McGann has been cutting hair at the Grand Master Barber Shop in Kildare town for over two decades.

However, he recently became better known throughout the country and wider world when a video of him using sheep shears to cut a customer’s hair went viral.

“A farming family comes into me, and they were messing one day when they presented me with their fathers sheep shears and they said ‘I bet you couldn’t cut hair with them,’” McGann told

I just said ‘I can cut hair with anything’. We joked. I tried, and I could do it. So then they presented me with two new sheep shears, and I’ve been using them since.”

“I wouldn’t use it on every head, but if I have a huge head of hair, I can bring it down slightly thick to get a good cut on it. It went from messing, to becoming a useful tool.”

The video has since received millions of views on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, and has made Paul something of a local celebrity.

“It’s crazy. When I’m out now, I have people pointing at me and coming up me. That’s crazy, because I’m just a normal guy.”

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McGann said there have since been no problems or issues with anyone having their hair cut by the shears, with most people just pulling out their phones and taking pictures as soon as they are used.

His talent and newfound popularity has even made one Arizona man travel from the United States to Kildare just to get a haircut from Paul.

“His wife gave him it as a present for his 40th. They landed in Dublin this morning, they’re staying in a hotel tonight, he’s getting the haircut from me tomorrow and they’re flying home on Sunday.”

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