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Tuesday 24 April 2018

WATCH: 'They're very smart' - Galway schoolboy teaches pet donkeys to perform tricks on camera Newsdesk Newsdesk

A Galway schoolboy who hand-raised two pet donkeys is showing just how talented the animals can be.

Colm Seoighe shared a video on his YouTube channel showing his donkeys Bliathín and Noinín performing a variety of tricks.

The Rossaveal native showed his pets walking in circles and putting their feet up on command. Colm (12) wants to show that there is more to these animals than meets the eye.

"They've very smart. I've been teaching them for around two years now, since I got them," he told

A lot of locals in the area are surprised when they see what Colm can get the animals to do, according to his father Pádraig.

"He loves these donkeys. We can’t say anything bad about them or he’ll get upset with us," he said.

"When we got them, they were in bad shape and really in need of a home. He's done a lot with them since. He talks to them both in English and Irish.

Colm frequently posts videos of his pets and his songwriting and guitar playing skills on his YouTube channel under the username 'Pintofmilk'. His page has almost 400 subscribers and thousands of views.

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