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Saturday 23 March 2019

WATCH: Terrifying moment hunt saboteurs have their car windows smashed by furious hunters Newsdesk Newsdesk

A video of the shocking moment hunt saboteurs were forced to flee after hunters smashed their windows has been published online.

North Cambridgeshire Hunt Saboteurs Association say they were casting an eye on the Fitzwilliam Hunt when furious participants ran towards their vehicle and smashed the windows with a baton.

A woman can be heard screaming while another man can be heard yelling "they've just put our window through. Police, 999. Now.".

On the video, which was published using both dashcam and mobile phone footage, the hunters can be seen pursuing the saboteurs as they try to escape.

After a few minutes, the men can be seen pulling away.

A few hunt saboteurs sustained minor injuries during the alleged incident and their vehicle cost €847 to repair, which was paid for by donors through a GoFundMe campaign.

The Fitzwilliam Hunt has been taking place for more than 250 years in an area that stretches more than 1,550 square kilometres of land, with some members being known to use a golden eagle.

Police in Cambridgeshire are now investigating the incident.

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A spokesperson for the hunt told MailOnline that they will assist police with any inquiries.

"The Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt does not condone the type of behaviour that is alleged to have taken place, even in the face of extreme provocation."

Police are urging anyone with information regarding this incident to come forward.

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