Watch: Officer's close encounter with angry cow while assisting a motorist

Officers in Texas have released footage of a cow running into their police car.

Emily Chudy

Dashcam footage from Texas police shows a close encounter between a patrol car and an angry cow.

A Harris County deputy was patrolling the roads when he stopped to assist motorists involved in an apparent traffic accident. Footage shows a cow then running towards the police vehicle.

The cow was seen charging at the deputies, who quickly moved out of the way to avoid the animal before it ran away.

The footage now has 21,000 views on the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable Sherman Eagleton Facebook page.

Police said: “During the regular eight-hour shift we encounter the good, the bad, and the big.

“We can handle criminals with no problem, but when it comes to livestock… it’s no bull!”

Officers reassured the public that no animals, humans or patrol cars were harmed in the encounter.

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