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Wednesday 23 January 2019

Watch: Adorable seven-month-old calf thinks she is a dog

She was adopted by a family in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, but doesn’t act like any cow they’ve ever met.

Grace Rahman

Harveigh is a seven-month-old rescue cow, taken in by a family in Fulshear, Texas, following Hurricane Harvey.

And Harveigh isn’t like other cows. When the Cantons (47-year-old Ren, his wife Tammy, 43, and their 20-year-old son Tyler) first took her in, she lived in their laundry, played with their dogs, and drank milk from a bottle.

They came across Harveigh last August, and they suspected the calf had been born just after the hurricane had struck. When they found her she was shivering and lethargic.

“[She] could not stand on her own,” Tammy told the Press Association.

“We knew she needed help very quickly.”

Th calf gets wedged in a door frame

For the first few months, Harveigh lived in the family home, but now she has her own pen just outside the house, which Tammy calls her “cow condo”.

“She does get to come inside to visit her dog friends and to have her hair brushed,” Tammy said but: “If it was up to Harveigh, she would live inside forever.”

As well as seven dogs, the family already have six cows, although owner Tammy says Harveigh doesn’t know she’s one of them.

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“She adores dogs but she is terrified of other cows,” said Tammy.

“She will cry, scream, run and kick if she is put near other cows. We are working on that by taking her to the barn to spend time around them.”

But the plan is to have her move in with the rest of their livestock eventually.

Her play time with the family dogs, including their pit bull Sealy, is now supervised due to her increasing size.

But the family keep her occupied with “new friends”, like this yoga ball.

Most of all, the family say she loves people.

“Harveigh LOVES kids,” Tammy said, “she makes people extremely happy.”

Tammy admits that Harveigh has so far been “pampered” compared to the rest of their cows.

“Our other cows are very well taken care of, but they live in the pasture and in the barn like normal cows,” she said.

“Harveigh is more like an over-sized dog.”

Press Association