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Friday 15 December 2017

Video: Irish man's 4,500 cow US dairy farm highlight of tonight’s Ear to the Ground

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Ear to the Ground is back tonight with a jam packed show.

Ten years ago Rodney Elliott sold his dairy farm in Fermanagh and moved to South Dakota, where he set up a 1,500 cow dairy farm. Today the Drumgoon Farm employs 50 people, milks 4,500 cows, and produces a million litres of milk a week.

Darragh McCullough travels to South Dakota to learn that it wasn’t all plain sailing for Rodney as the farm lost a million dollars when milk prices fell in 2009.

Rodney's farm depends on cheap corn and immigrant labour, and is a world away from the 150 acre family farm he left behind.


Also on tonights show, Helen Carroll is in Athlone, Co. Westmeath where she meets mushroom farmer Gerry Reilly who since Brexit fears the uncertain future of his family business.

After 30 years in business and employing 70 people, he fears it might all be lost.

Croagh Patrick beer

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Meanwhile, up a winding road on the side of Croagh Patrick, in an old sheep shed, two rock ‘n’ roll loving vets are concocting a unique brew to quench the thirst of many.

Dubliner Cillian O’Móráin and Belgian Bart Adons are brewing a Belgian beer on a farm on the holy mountain!

Ella McSweeney heads to ‘The Reek’ as Cillian and Bart start their day in the brewery. Cillian then brings Ella to a nearby farm to scan cattle and finishes the day treating animals in Cillian's vet's practice

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