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Saturday 15 December 2018

VIDEO: Court case over ownership of 'cow park' in Westmeath

Claire Fox

Claire Fox

A group of farmers claim they have been evicted from a local cow-park that has been used by their families to graze animals for generations.

Farmers Patrick Glennon, Frank Smith and Ann Harte from Edmondstown, Co Westmeath claimed in Athlone Circuit Court today that they have been evicted by Westmeath County Council from a cow-park in the locality, even though they have been paying rent twice a year.

However, Westmeath County Council told Judge Sinéad Ní Chúlacháin that the trust between the council and the farmers ended in 2003 and that the farmers have no right to graze the land.

There is a strong tradition of cow-parks in Ireland.

In the late 1800s cow-parks were put in place by the Land Commission for farmers who did not have enough land for their animals to graze and are still present in many areas across the country.

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