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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Think farming is boring? These drone videos may convince you otherwise


Taylor Heyman

A farmer is educating social media users about farming using a series of stunning drone videos.

Janek Grodzki, 18, works on his family farm in Victoria, Australia, doing a variety of tasks including operating tractors and some construction equipment, working with cattle and fencing.

While he’s working on the 700-acre farm, he uses a DJI Mavic Pro drone to film his activities, and the results are oddly satisfying.

“I used to post the videos on my private Instagram account to show my friends what I get up to in my spare time, but decided to make my J.Farming page to show any like-minded people who are interested in agriculture and machinery to share what we do on our farm,” Janek told the Press Association.

“My favourite video that I’ve filmed would probably be of the bale carting timelapse, which is the sped-up process of loading one trailer of hay before taking it to unload at the hay sheds.”

The videos give a realistic picture of Australian farm life, and also show the precision with with Janek uses his tractor and equipment.

Janek’s next video is likely to show the process of seeding, but he’s also working on a longer term project to show how the family’s recently harvested blue gum plantation is turned back into farm land.

Judging by his past videos, these will be mesmerising too.

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