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Saturday 24 February 2018

These emoji faces on bales will definitely bring a smile to your face

Picture: Lesley Ann Cech
Picture: Lesley Ann Cech
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

One Donegal woman has raised huge awareness for Crumlin Children's Hospital in recent days, with her creative artistic flair on bales!

Emojis are popular phone images such as smiley faces and Lesley Ann Cech decided to take the use of colourful balewrap one step further and has created an emoji collage on bales outside Raphoe.

"My brothers bought pink wrap last year so this year we went for the purple wrap. Out of each wrap we got 30 bales and my father does 6,000 and 7,000 bales for other farmers. So we were delighted to support Crumlin Hospital."

Aside from adding colour to the fields with the purple wrap, Lesley Ann said she wanted to take it one step further after being inspired by spray painting of sheep.

Picture: Lesley Ann Cech
Picture: Lesley Ann Cech

As for the inspiration on the emojis, Lesley Ann went straight to her phone. "I went on my phone keypad and got a different one for each bale. Some I'm not sure what they even mean."

The bales are about a mile outside Raphoe, on her father Leslie Kilpatrick's farm, where her brothers Ray and David also work.

She has designed around 25 bales with the spray painting and since last week, she says, the interest it has generated has been huge.

"There has been great interest in it and the more farmers who buy the purple wrap the better for Crumlin." The purple bale wrap can be bought from 18 different co-ops around the country.

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