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Wednesday 13 December 2017

Temperatures set to plunge this week

Cattle pictured feeding in the dawn frost in Co Carlow recently. Photo Roger Jones
Cattle pictured feeding in the dawn frost in Co Carlow recently. Photo Roger Jones

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Temperatures are set to plunge by 11C and there could be snow in places as the first real signs of winter arrive this week, forecasters say.

According to Met Eireann, today, will be misty and mostly cloudy with some patches of drizzle and fog, mainly on Atlantic coasts and high ground elsewhere, at times.

But some dry, bright spells too, best in southern and eastern areas, where the odd sunny break is possible. Mild, top temperatures of 13 to 16 C.

Tomorrow, forecasters say early rain and drizzle over Munster and parts of Leinster soon clearing to give a mainly dry day, with a mix of cloud and some bright or short sunny spells. Top temperatures 10 to 14 C.


However, Met Eireann says the outlook for the second half of the week is for cold and often windy weather, with fairly widespread heavy showers, some turning wintry in northern areas, especially on hills. It also forecasts frost at night also.

Latest forecasts suggest Wednesday will be cold, with sunny spells and blustery showers, some heavy. Top afternoon temperatures of 6 to 11 C., best over Munster and south Leinster, but feeling colder in the fresh and gusty westerly wind.

It will be Cold and blustery overnight, with showers fairly widespread. Some heavy and with hail and thunder in places. A few may turn wintry on northern hills too.

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Met Eireann says ground frost will develop in places sheltered from the winds as temperatures fall to between 2 and 4 C.

It says Thursday and Friday will also be cold, blustery days, with stiff west to northwesterly winds, bringing in widespread heavy showers of rain or hail from the Atlantic.

 Some will be thundery and will turn wintry in places, mainly high ground in northern and western areas. Highs each day of just 5 to 9 C., but feeling colder in the winds.

Cold and frosty both nights, with further heavy showers, some wintry. Lowest temperatures zero plus 3 C.

Met Eireann says latest indications suggest it will stay unsettled and occasionally windy next weekend, with showers or longer spells of heavy rain at times.

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