Sickening cruelty as sack of drowned puppies washes up

The grim discovery made at Reenagross in Kenmare
The grim discovery made at Reenagross in Kenmare

Stephen Fernane

A sack of drowned puppies has caused widespread distress among animal lovers following the horrific discovery of six dead collie pups near the shoreline at Reenagross in Kenmare, Co Kerry last week

A person out walking spotted the puppies strewn on the bank and immediately contacted Denise Rawson - a volunteer and PRO of Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society (KLAWS) - to tell of the grim sight.

Denise told The Kerryman they are absolutely shocked and distraught that such a blatant act of barbaric cruelty can happen in this day and age.

"We got a phone call to say the pups were in a bag. I had just finished work and decided to rush there, just in case there was a small chance that they would be still alive. But when I got there I could see they had been dead for a while.

"The stink was unbelievable. I couldn't just leave them there, so I buried them a short distance away. It was shocking," Denise said.

Denise believes the pups were about three weeks old and that this adds further to the trauma for the mother of the pups.

"They'd obviously been allowed to grow a bit. To think there is a lactating bitch out there somewhere who is probably missing her babies makes this doubly sad. Whoever this person is, to think they took the time to place these pups in a bag and throw them in the water is disturbing."

KLAWS help rehome unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs, and Denise feels a case of cruelty such as this leaves them feeling dejected given how hard they work at giving dogs a second chance in life. Denise added that this case of cruelty may never have come to light but for the high tide that washed the sack ashore.

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Denise claims that KLAWS have an active network of rescuers across the county who would have helped save the pups had they been given up rather than drowned.

"If there were financial constraints involved, we could have provided food and help. We have donations and a good fundraising team. To do something like this when we could have supported the pups until they were old enough to be rehomed makes me both angry and sad. We would have helped the person that did this."

Denise did not contact the local Gardaí as she feels there is nothing they can do at this stage. However. she hopes that by highlighting the cruelty it might make people think twice before buying pups for Christmas, pups that are sometimes discarded once the novelty factor wears off.

"Adopt, don't shop, from your local rescue. Never buy a puppy just for Christmas," said Denise.


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