One in every 70 farmers will either die or suffer a life changing injury in a farm accident

Eoghan MacConnell

Statistics show that one in every 70 farmers will either die or suffer a life changing injury in a farm accident, Minister Michael Creed 

Speaking at the AGM in Abbeyleix, Co Laois, last week Minister Creed said: “We have already buried one teenager this year as a result of a farm accident. Last year was a pretty horrendous year, a pretty horrendous year. Farming is the most dangerous activity now in terms of workplace employments that  you can be employed in.”   

Minister Michael Creed implored farmers to be mindful of the dangers associated with farming. He spoke of statistics he had obtained from a leading insurance company which showed that one in 70 farmers in their lifetime will either be impacted by a fatal or life changing accident. “Look around the room, that’s probably one here,” he told the gathering. 

“You know it because you have been in those farmyards, you have been in those church yards and graveyards and so have I. It is a devastating thing to visit any community," he remarked. 

Minister Creed said "I would just implore on all of us, it is a busy life, its a tough life, it is a life that is very often practiced in isolation.

"We need to be more cognisant of what the risks are,” Minister Creed stated as he urged all of those gathered to farm safely in the year ahead. 

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