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My Pet: Stellar Della is an utter pet and loves to chew the cud





Just because I am a bit of a cow doesn't mean that I cannot be someone's pet!

I am a very small cow and my human calls me 'Pet' all the time. I call him 'Chief' - which isn't his real name either.

My name is Della; 'Della the Dexter'. We Dexters are the smallest cow in Europe and also the oldest breed. My ancestors originated in Co Tipperary in 1760. Since then, just like Irish humans, we can be found in the four corners of the globe.

I sure landed on my hooves when I arrived here to my new home in 'Deelfield'. Chief is good and kind to my sisters and I… but like I said, I am the pet, and my human and I have a wonderful relationship. The thing to remember is that Chief fails to realise that I am far smarter than anyone gives me credit for. I intend to keep it that way! I have amazing telepathic powers that humans would envy.

At the end of my field is a fairy fort. An enthralling place of nature: we share the fort and adjoining pond with an amazing spread of flora and fauna… everything from fish, furze, foxes - and maybe even fairies in the fairy fort.

I spend some time each morning just gazing at my reflection in the clear pool. I know I am beautiful because everyone says so - and I can see it for myself. I am probably a little spoiled by Chief - so I don't do any false modesty!

The fort, with all its cover, is also our maternity ward. This is where I had my son, Jake. My three sisters also went there when their time came. Dexters like their privacy for such a personal event.

As well as being Chief's pet, I am the herd leader: Where I go, the others follow. Sometimes I play tricks on Chief - just to keep him guessing.

Our family has too much breeding to be driven ahead like common cows. But if he calls me up to the yard, I head up at a steady march and the others follow in single file. Chief greets me with 'that's my girl… that's my pet'. Then he throws a few nuts in the trough for us and I let him believe that it's up to see him I came! I allow him to scratch my forehead. I do like being his pet.

Bernie Comaskey, Co Westmeath

Name: Della

Finest hour: Giving birth to my son, Jake

Likes: 'Shooting the breeze' with family

Dislikes: Hunting and hounds

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