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Friday 22 March 2019

More students take higher level Ag Science as numbers taking ordinary level drops

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Catherine Hurley

Catherine Hurley

As more than 57,000 candidates receive their results, a breakdown of the data shows Agricultural Science increase in popularity as the number of students who chose to study Agricultural Science as a Leaving Certificate subject rose, even though the overall number of candidates who sat the Leaving Certificate last June were lower than last year.

This year, 6,543 students sat higher level Agricultural Science, compared to 6,376 students last year. Students who chose Ordinary Level Agricultural Science was down from 1,284 students last year to 1,237 this year.

Mirroring 2017, some 4.5pc of students that studied higher level Agricultural Science received H1’s (90-100pc), while the level of H2’s (80<90pc) handed out were down from 14.5pc to 13.7pc this year.

It is important to note, a 1.7pc increase in students achieving at least one H1 grade in a year where numbers were down slightly.

First Round cut-off points for the Level 8 Agricultural Science course in UCD were 455. Points for the Level 7 Agricultural course in Cork Institute of Technology and Clonakilty Agri-College in Cork were 292 in the first-round last year.

Agricultural Engineering required 270 CAO points to get in on the first round in Institute of Technology, Tralee last year.

Veterinary remained one of the hardest courses to get into with students needing 564 points from the Leaving Certificate to enter Veterinary Medicine, in UCD. The course takes on average 82 students every year.

The old familiar grading system has been changed, - A1, B2, C3 - was replaced with grades from H1 (90-100pc) to H8 (0<30) for higher level subjects and from O1 to O8, for ordinary level subjects.

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This system was introduced in 2017 Leaving Certificate. Students who received a H1 in the Leaving Certificate received 100 points on the Common Points Scale, which was also revised in 2017.

A maximum of 56 points can be obtained from the highest grade in ordinary level, equivalent to a H5.

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